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Welcome to Westside Dental Athlone, established by principal dentist Dr. Daniel Harney. We are a locally owned modern dental clinic offering comprehensive services including Family dentistry, cosmetic dental care (braces, invisalign, implants & whitening) and emergency dental services.

We accept new patients and take part in the PRSI Scheme. Westside Dental is based in Athlone and serves all areas of the Midlands, including Roscommon, Westmeath and Offaly.

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Westside Dental Dentist Dr. Daniel Harney, based in Athlone.


During orthodontic treatment, fixed braces can be worn to gradually move crooked or overcrowded teeth into correct alignment.

Orthodontics is no longer just for kids, with advances in discreet, clear invisalign braces becoming a popular option for adults.


Implants can replace single tooth gaps or replace the entire mouth for patients with no teeth.

Implants are a small titanium screw which replaces the root of the tooth. Once healed, it can be restored with a crown which looks, feels and functions like a normal healthy tooth.


Specially formulated to remove tooth discolouration due to foods, tobacco and other stain-causing materials, we use the most effective tooth whitening supplies. 
A cast is made of your teeth and the process can be completed at home at your convenience.


If you are experiencing tooth pain or want to perfect your smile, consultations with our experienced team can be booked at our comfortable, family-friendly clinic in Athlone.

Consultations are free for those who qualify for PRSI.

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